Milan-based Italian designer creating holistic product experiences that combine Industrial design, UX design, packaging and branding.


Design as a tool to deliver positive change to users, society and the environment.

As designers we have the opportunity and responsibility to meaningfully influence the way we live and the way our society works by creating products and systems that are socially and environmentally sustainable.


Analysing the business problem to uncover innovation opportunities and explore possible futures.

Design thinking workshops, user journey mapping, product, trends and market analysis are effective tools to correctly frame the business problem and generate the right strategies to solve it.


Turning opportunities into holistic product experiences.

Great design is made when different creative disciplines are combined. Expertise in Industrial design, UX design, packaging and branding is fundamental to guarantee holistic product experiences that are relevant, coherent and desirable.


Communicating innovations by creating engaging brand stories that emotionally connect with people.

Storytelling, from the early stages of a project all the way through production and commercialisation, helps communicate what makes a product better and why people should care. It may reflect in the product strategy, design language, interaction paradigm, marketing visuals and copywriting.


Ambitious companies willing to innovate in the Green economy, Consumer electronics / IoT, and connected healthcare industries.