Deliver positive change through Design.


I am a Milan-based Italian Designer with over a decade of experience designing relevant, desirable and sustainable products for global brands.

My background is in Industrial Design and Innovation Management having obtained a Master degree at Politecnico di Milano and Alta Scuola Politecnica with full marks.
Originally from Milan,  my curiosity brought me to work and live in  China, Australia and Europe collaborating  with global brands such as Asus, Microsoft, Lenovo,  3M, Philips, Oppo, Haier, Amgen and Pfizer.


DRIVEN BY PURPOSE.  I consider design as a process to drive positive behavioural and systemic change rather than a mere market differentiator. I enjoy tackling relevant problems that affect our society and planet and solve them with elegant solutions that balance functionality, beauty and meaning.


SYSTEMIC THINKER. I thrive in multidisciplinary teams and am experienced in engaging with different stakeholders by speaking their own language. My systemic approach to innovation allows me to capture stakeholders feedback iteratively during projects guaranteeing a smooth and collaborative process along the way. I am capable of moving from strategic to tactic thinking to set strong innovation  directions and execute on them.


GLOBAL APPROACH. In my years abroad I developed empathy for different cultures and ways of thinking, understanding differences and embracing change, all valuable things that in today’s practice help me be open minded, diplomatic and confidently lead diverse teams on complex projects.


Strategy. I uncover innovation opportunities and explore possible future scenarios.

Design. I turn opportunities into holistic product experiences, by blending Industrial design / UX design / packaging / branding.

Communication. I communicate innovations by creating engaging brand stories that emotionally connect to people


I partner with ambitious companies willing to innovate in the Green economy, Consumer electronics / IoT, and connected healthcare industries.

If you would like to collaborate on a project, feature my work or just connect, please get in touch: