AI-powered gift giving.

Giftpick is a concept of an AI-powered system that helps you create bespoke gifts collections and let the recipient pick what he/she wants. Each collection is generated based on the recipient data you will provide and a fun personality test. Thanks to a machine learning algorithm, the system will overtime get more and more accurate in predicting what the recipient will love.

When Xmas or birthdays come we all have experienced the stress related to gift-making. Often times we procrastinate till the last moment and end up buying things WE like, or random gadgets no one will use, or to play safe, gift cards. But why is it so hard to make gifts people will love?

As it turns out, the best gifts have 2 main characteristics: they are Personal & Surprising. Personal, as they require deep knowledge about the personality, values and tastes of the recipient in order to be eventually useful and appreciated. Surprising, as the positive, almost magic emotions caused by an unexpected gift are what differentiate a gift from a purchase or a transaction. Giftpick is a concept of an AI-assisted gift system that could radically increase the chances of making good gifts, quickly,  while having fun in the process.

Amazon Gift cards are an easy last-minute choice. However they could be perceived as impersonal and lazy.
Giftpick wants to fill the gap in the Amazon ecosystem providing a quick, fun and easy way to make surprising gifts people will love.
It leverages on familiar analogies and metaphors to create an engaging experience for both sender and recipient.

01  Create a Giftpick

Login to Amazon Giftpick website and follow the step by step process. You will be able to create a custom Giftpick collection in minutes.

Sender user journey

02  Receive the card

Get the card of your choice delivered for free, at your door, within one business day.

Giftpick cards come in a variety of colour combinations and could be purchased in shops or online.

03  Handwrite your message

Add a human touch by handwriting your greetings and the Giftpick Code on the card.

Detail of the card and its minimal template.

04  Exchange the card

Give the card to the recipient. Your customised present will surely make an impression!

The minimal translucent frosted envelope gives a touch of sophistication to the Giftpick card.
The recipient will be left with the feeling of a thoughtful and personal gift.

05  Choose your favourite gift from the collection

Scan the QR code or login to Amazon Giftpick website to access the personalised gift collection and pick your favourite gift.

Enjoy the experience of choosing the best gift from a curated collection.
Recipient user journey.

06  Enjoy your gift

Giftpicks are delivered within one business day worldwide in their uniquely branded shipping box.

Giftpick delivery boxes balance design and sustainability by using recycled cardboard and a minimal two-tone ink print.