ID / UX / UI 

Time & attendance terminal

Sectime is a time-recording terminal designed to fit in a variety of contexts, from supermarkets and pharmacies, to small professional studios, headquarters and high-end offices thanks to a simple, minimal yet sophisticated look.

Created to offer maximum flexibility to companies for HR support, workflow scenarios, attendance / absence times and project controlling, Sectime features a 7 inches touch display and is compatible with all common RFID technologies & biometric processes through multi-communication channels.

Designed for Sesamsec, part of Elatec group.

In a market populated by products with similar look and features, the design goal with Sectime was to create an innovative design able to differentiate Sesamsec from competitors thanks to a unique product architecture, look and feel, interaction and software experience.

Where form meets function

Sectime design is characterised by two simple and geometric volumes overlapped to create a step. This layered effect visually and physically separates two key interaction areas: the touch display at the top and the RFID area at the bottom.

A discreet light feedback

An LED bar concealed underneath the display frame indirectly projects light over the RFID surface area, for a discreet and energy efficient feedback. The light colour is contextual and changes according to the function selected by the user: Warm white when on standby, Green when clocking in, Red when clocking out, Yellow when consulting personal Info. Finally a blue light characterises the settings section, accessible only by authorised personnel.

Redundant memory for easy maintenance.

Sectime features a unique product architecture constituted of two elements: a base, that is attached to the wall and a front terminal, that includes all things the user experiences. Both elements feature an independent memory, making it easy to replace a faulty terminal without having to manage laborious data backup and transfer.

From concept to production in just a year.

Sectime was developed following a tight schedule that was only possible thanks to a close collaboration between Andrea Mangone (industrial design and user experience design) DMTcreaktiv GmbH team (engineering) and Sesamsec and Elatec teams.