0/1 phone
A minimal foldable phone for digital detox
0/1 phone is designed to help people disconnect from digital distractions and regain control of their lives. 
interaction paradigms
The Three Interaction Paradigms
A powerful tool to explore conceptual scenarios when designing innovative physical and digital products.
A smartwatch that recharges with you
A powerful smartwatch designed to make recharging as easy as it gets, directly at your wrist, for a 24/7 health and lifestyle monitoring.
power of metaphors
The power of metaphors & analogies in design
Our tendency to prefer things we are familiar with poses serious challenges to innovators trying to bring new things into people’s lives. How can we instil familiarity into the unfamiliar?
Next Wave
Pandemic kit for remote monitoring
A pandemic kit that helps citizens report their condition, governments to identify early hotspots and remotely monitor patients symptoms.
2°C - toothbrush - copy
Eco-friendly toothbrush
A toothbrush made to last for a lifetime featuring a high quality reusable body and detachable disposable brush heads that reduce the overall plastic waste of 87% compared to traditional toothbrushes.
Urban Oasis
A green island in today's megalopoleis
Urban Oasis is an urban farming kit that reconnects people with nature in the urban environment by making growing vegetables on your balcony a fun, educative and engaging experience.