A minimal foldable phone for digital detox

We spend an average of 3 hours per day on our smartphones. Throughout the day we are constantly bombarded by notifications, emails, direct messages, that keep interrupting our activities and distract us from what really matters. 0/1 phone is designed to help people disconnect from digital distractions and regain control of their lives.

As smartphones addiction has become a recognised problem worldwide, a series of ‘minimal phones’ have emerged on the market promising to give us a break from the digital world. Featuring only a limited set of basic functionalities, similarly to what old ‘dumb’ phones used to be, they unsurprisingly have not found commercial success as the majority of people were not willing to ditch their smartphones functionalities altogether to ‘go back to the past’.

0/1 Phone is designed to offer the best of both worlds featuring a foldable form factor that clearly defines 2 usage modes: smartphone when open, minimal phone when closed.

Our smartphones have become so addictive that we are unable to be present in our lives, becoming more and more socially isolated, distracted at work, unable to have a good sleep at night.

Smartphone mode

When open, 0/1 Phone reveals a flexible display with a resolution of 1080 x 2640 pixels, perfect for enjoying social media, watching movies, playing video games etc.

Minimal mode

When closed, 0/1 Phone feels minimal and distraction free. It features a large e-ink display that shows only a limited amount of simple information in an unobtrusive manner.

The e-ink display can be customised with a variety of widgets including  stylish analog and digital clocks, calendar, checklist, music player, timer, quote of the day and more.

Vertical orientation = notifications

To turn off all notifications and truly disconnect from digital distractions, 0/1 Phone can be placed in an upright orientation similarly to a bed side clock, leveraging on the additional thickness of the foldable form factor. 

The vertical orientation radically changes the way  0/1 Phone is perceived,  turning it from something pocketable to something that can be placed on a shelf or a desk, minimising compulsive phone checking habits.

Understated sophistication

0/1 phone uses a unique combination of colours, materials and finishes inspired by home decor, fashion and lifestyle accessories. The aluminium body features a biopolymer coating that provides a warm and natural feeling to it. The back panel is covered in rubberised vegan leather for a secure grip,  while a colourful touch is provided by the nylon weaved tag integrated in the SIM card tray.

0/1 Phone features a simcard tray removable through a fabric tag that can be customised inexpensively with a variety of colours.
When the battery is running out, the phone can be charged through a dedicated wireless charger.