A smartwatch that recharges with you

Vessel is a powerful smartwatch designed to make recharging as easy as it gets, directly at your wrist, for a 24/7 health and lifestyle monitoring.

Tech brands are caught between opposing factors that prevent them from creating the perfect smartwatch: Comfort, Performance and Battery life.

While comfort is non negotiable and performance is a key differentiator, battery life is the factor that often gets compromised, with leading smartwatches struggling to reach a one day battery life in normal usage.

Frequent charging represents an annoyance for most and a primary reason for discontinuing smartwatch usage.

Moreover while charging, people cannot wear their smartwatch, missing on the opportunity to collect precious health and lifestyle data.

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How could we redesign the charging experience to seamlessly fit into people’s daily lives?

Charging a smartwatch daily can lead to a series of problems, such as forgetting the smartwatch on the charger, forgetting to bring the charger along, not having a place to connect the charger when outside. 

Battery-powered charger

Vessel features a battery-powered charger, in the shape of a smooth pebble, that magnetically attaches to the watch face to recharge the smartwatch. With a capacity of 500mAh, it is able to fully charge Vessel smartwatch in about one hour.
Charging and data contacts are seamlessly integrated on the watch face, emerging from a metal frame that surrounds the OLED display.
The charger magnetically attaches to the watch face to recharge the smartwatch.

Vessel recharges with you.

Recharge your smartwatch when working at your desk, watching a movie or while sleeping at night. Vessel can be worn 24/7 guaranteeing continuous health and lifestyle monitoring. When the charger is connected, it triggers a “recharge mode”,  where notifications are paused and the charger only displays the time and the battery status.

The charger can be placed on a dedicated docking to be always 100%.
The docking well integrates on a shelf or a table top as it resemble a home accessory thanks to its minimal aesthetic and warm colour / finish.

The durability of metal with a soft touch.

The metal watch band is made of stainless steel to guarantee a durable construction, while on the outer layer a bioplastic coating enhances its tactile properties providing warmth and a soft touch for better comfort throughout the day.

The buckle features a magnetic snap for a low profile and minimal look.