Sensual exploration for couples

Les Stones is a new concept of discreet adult toys targeting couples willing to renew intimacy by rediscovering each other bodies through an engaging experience.

It is estimated that 40 Million people live in sexless relationships, in US only. Common reasons include boredom, childbirth, stress, lack of time. Adult toys are an effective way to spicy up sexual life, however 56.8% of couple never tried them.
I was engaged by Intimate Melody, an adult toys brand, to create a concept for couple-oriented toys, to be used by both to make sex more fun, exciting and unpredictable.

Les Stones targets couples willing to renew intimacy.
Les Stones generic look clearly breaks from adult toys traditional shapes, allowing them to anonymously fit on a bench top, a bathroom or bed side.
Les Stones present themselves piled out of the box: thanks to carefully positioned magnets, each stone automatically align and snap in place to create the iconic shape.
Detail of the tray made of cardboard laminated with formed aluminium foil to resemble water.
The unpacking experience was designed to immediately communicate the function of each stone and how they work together.

The System

Les Stones is composed by 3 elements that work together seamlessly to deliver an engaging and intuitive user experience.

01. Remote controller

The remote controller gives full control over the rhythm, intensity and temperature of the massage. The User Interface is composed by an LED segments  display that shines through the thin silicon skin and 3 buttons, whose shape and tactile characteristics make them easily identifiable even without looking. 

02. Vibrators

Les Stones vibrators are designed to be discreet and adaptive. Their multifunctional shape make them perfect for a relaxing hot stones massage, with temperatures reaching up to 42C, while 3 vibration patterns will add further unexpected variables to the sensual massage.

03. Wireless charger

The stone at the bottom  of the pile is an wireless charger that charges the vibrator and the remote when the stones are piled. Thanks to the use of magnets, the charging coils integrated in the stones automatically align, for an easy and smooth experience, even in the darkness.

The remote controller can control temperature, vibration pattern and intensity with just 3 buttons.
The vibrators come in three shape variations to evoke always new feelings: Goccia, Lingua and Sasso.
Detail of the wireless charging base, 

A seamless experience

Pile the stones to recharge.  For a smooth and intuitive charging experience, Les Stones recharge themselves when piled over the charging base. This magical and iconic effect is achieved thanks to induction charging technology.

Easy to wash and waterproof.  Les Stones’ smooth, uninterrupted surface is achieved by over-moulding medical grade silicon over the internal components. This one-piece construction and the absence of parting lines guarantees maximal hygiene and make Les Stones easy to wash and fully waterproof.

When not in use, Les Stones can be piled resembling Zen stones.
Detail of the piled stones while charging
Being waterproof, Les Stones can be used while taking a bath or a shower.
Detail of Les Stones packaging, inspired by premium perfumes and candles.