Pandemic kit for remote monitoring

NEXT WAVE is a pandemic kit that helps citizens report their condition, governments to identify early hotspots and remotely monitor patients symptoms.

The kit includes a set of face masks, a hand sanitiser, a smart pulse oximeter, and a smart thermometer connected to a smartphone App. Citizens experiencing symptoms are invited to daily measure their temperature, blood oxygen level and heartbeat rate and share these data with their trusted healthcare provider. Thanks to these data, doctors and hospitals are able to identify early hotspots and remotely monitor the evolution of patients symptoms, providing timely medical support when their condition worsen.

Panic buying episodes,  PPE nowhere to be found, the constant sound of sirens filling the air, images of overcrowded ICUs and exhausted doctors  have accompanied us during this pandemic. Could we do better than this?
 Next Wave pandemic kit comes in a reusable tin box.

Hardware / Software / Service / integration

Pandemic tracking apps that require users to daily input their data are soon abandoned, as they require too much mental effort and people forget about them after the first few days of usage.

Next Wave, being an ecosystem of hardware, software and services offers a more integrated experience that automatically and instantly transfer data from your smart devices to your chosen healthcare provider.

Upon downloading and installing Next Wave App, the user is run through a simple setup process.
Next Wave washable face mask
Next Wave smart thermometer

Simplified User Interface to reduce anxiety

The smart thermometer and smart pulse oximeter feature a simplified User Interface that communicate simple feedback through colours to reduce anxiety. Green when everything is ok, orange when close monitoring is required and red when the situation is serious and action needs to be taken. Detailed readings are available in the smartphone App and shared with the chosen healthcare provider.

Next Wave smart pulse oximeter
Next Wave refillable hand sanitiser